Saturday, 7 January 2012

Making Jewellery Magazine

Denise has been a regular contributor to Making Jewellery Magazine since it started in 2010. She has submitted a number of tutorials and articles on a variety of subjects and we wanted to give you an idea of some of the upcoming features. Firstly don't miss out on the article about the trip to America to take part in Tim McCreight's masterclass which will be in issue 37 (next issue). There will also be an editorial on the business of keepsake jewellery in a Q&A style so if you are interested in starting up this will be an interesting read which will be in the issue after (38) there will also be a special courses and workshops guide which will feature the new courses and classes at Clarise Jewellery School in Farsley, Leeds. There will even be a separate section advertising the new silversmithing workshops which are running from February. Look out for the magazine, as it is now available in most larger newsagents.

P.s This is issue 36 which is out now!

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