Friday, 16 December 2011

Denise's Trip to the US

Hi everyone I'm really excited after my trip to the states. It was a 2 part trip one to take my PMC Rio Rewards Certification and nd part to visit as much as I could in New York in 3 days! I have done a bit of a write up in Making Jewellery magazine but have so much more to tell I will put up more info in the new year so readers of the article can find out much more detail and for those of you who do not read the mag. As for the trip to New York it was so exciting. As soon as I got there I went up the Empire State building to get a good view of Manhattan Island. next on the list was the Staten island ferry to se the statue of liberty. Next Central Park, The Frick Collection the museum of American Indians and the highlight of the tour Dancing on the BIG piano. Of Course there was shopping in Macys and walking the full length of 5th Ave with a peek in Tiffanys. Ice skating in Bryant Park and sliders in Times Square. I packed so much in I could talk forever. Anyway enjoy the photos.

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