Thursday, 18 November 2010

Gift Party!

Tuesday night was so incredibily busy for me. I had been asked if I could hold a gift party a few weeks ago and I managed to get everything ready in advance and wasnt running around last minute like usual! It was a great success and I had lots of fun but I was so exhausted at the end of the night, I think next time I need to get somebody to do the wrapping for me!

Everyone said they loved my stuff and I sold just about 40 items (not £40 as I put before!) in the evening which is excellent although it means I have to make more for the craft fairs next week! So feel free to come down to Farsley Liberal Club next Friday 7-9pm (you may even see some X Factor guy who will be providing entertainment!) or Rhodillian High School in Lofthouse on Saturday 10-2!

My best sellers at the gift party were my bunnies, sock cupcakes, body scrubs, moisture bath melts and moisturising soaps!

If you would like to book a gift party get in contact all you need is a minimum of 10 people to attend and the host even recieves a gift!

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