Thursday, 19 August 2010

A good day for ribbon!

I love ribbon and I get to use lots of different types of ribbon making my cakes and cupcakes. I went out this morning as I needed some curling ribbon to tie up the cellophane around my cakes. I popped into the little card shop in Farsley on the off chance that she would have some. She asked me what I needed it for so I told her about Cotton Cakes and she me to bring in some samples (she sent me away with copious amounts of free ribbon too [bonus]!!)

So I went back with my whole range of sock cupcakes, flannel cupcakes, flannel bunnys and owls and the toddler ice creams/ cake slices. I even took a small birthday cake too and she loved them and has placed an order! So tonight I have been making up the order ready to take back to her and I am super excited that my products are going to be sold in a proper shop!

This is a big step for small cakes....

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