Saturday, 18 June 2011

Clarise Jewellery Visit to Benton Park School

Last Wednesday we were invited to run a full day's jewellery making workshop for a class of twelve year 9 girls at Benton Park School in Leeds. It was a very productive day will every student making a piece they could take home and wear.
Initially we had planned to use sterling silver ring blanks and add metal clay syringe paste and colourful glass beads and chips but the school had ordered sheet metal instead of rings so we had to adapt our design to make earrings and pendants instead.

Concentrating hard adding syringe work
Denice showing how to brush up the silver

Cleaning their pieces in pickling acid

Alyssa teaching how to cost up the materials

Some earrings made by Heather and Sammi

The girls were all very quiet and got on so well with their work and they all seemed pleased with what they made. They have asked us if we will go back in the next few weeks to make the rings we had originally planned so we are looking forward to that.

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  1. what a brill school trip.

    Helen, X