Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year...New Post

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, hope you all had a great festive season and looking forward to 2011!

I just realised I hadnt updated my blog since early December as I was so busy in the run up to Christmas with not only internet sales but also lots of xmas fairs. Thank you to everyone that came along to support me there and I hope to see you again at the summer fairs and next Christmas too!

One of my most sucessful fairs was at Adel Primary School, there was a great turnout despite the horrid weather and there was lots going on and the kids realyl enjoyed themselves. Here was my stall at the start bursting with gifts, wish I had taken a photo at the end as my table was almost empty!

Best seller was ladies sock cupcakes!

I even took children's hand prints for making jewellery on the day and mum managed to make the pieces in time for xmas including a lovely little charm for Eve's mum. If you interested in having a charm, pendant, keyring or cufflinks made with an impression of your children or even pets then visit for more information and prices.

Pure Silver Handprint Charm

So here's to the new year where I will be looking through the craft books I got from Santa and getting inspiration for some new products including new towel/blanket gifts and bath treats. I already have ideas for a Valentines love potion (a gorgeous massage oil) which im hoping will be a great alternative to choccies and flowers this year! I will keep you posted.

Alyssa xx

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